In all finality, in all moments.

In all completion, in all sense.

In reality, in idealism.

Perhaps what we want is not so hard or faraway after all.

With each passing day, it gets a little easier and a little easier to imagine that day’s arrival.

Rise from your undergrowth, and reach for the canopies.

Then finally, the whole world comes into view.

My world tree.



I never dared think myself as indestructible or invulnerable.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect myself to be this vulnerable.

I threw out everything on to the line, hoping that the line does not break on me.

Again, we’ve yet to tell what returns there will be for us, regardless of the fact of the outcome.

I guess all I can say is that with you, everything feels sure.

Feels more certain. More grounded.

I am carefree and joyous by your side.