31 Reasons why things go bad.

Things happen for a reason. And as I wait for my own personal thunderstorm to pass, these are some reasons why stuff happens for the worse.

  1. God got a better plan in store.
  2. Humans aren’t perfect.
  3. We want different things in life.
  4. Different priorities in life.
  5. Everybody perceives things differently.
  6. Not enough time.
  7. Difference in commitment levels.
  8. The Fire Nation attacked.
  9. Different phases in life.
  10. Peer pressure.
  11. Confusion.
  12. You must construct additional pylons.
  13. We do not see eye to eye.
  14. Lack of support.
  15. Communication breakdowns.
  16. Your heart is somewhere else.
  17. Tired.
  18. Not enough mana.
  19. No connection.
  20. Lack of effort.
  21. Connection timed out.
  22. Expiration dates.
  23. After 2am.
  24. Out of time.
  25. Not enough faith.
  26. Reluctance.
  27. No trust.
  28. Stuck in the past.
  29. Feelings change.
  30. Crazy eyes.
  31. Just because.

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