I am blessed.

I’m just trying to make myself look over the amount of pain and to just look at the correct things.

I’ve been blessed thousandfold by this group of people and especially this one young woman. This one person who probably knows me in ways few others do.

And I’m extremely grateful for having this one person in my life. This one person I can depend on when it really matters.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Terrible pain from recent developments and undeniable gratitude and appreciation from people who are here for me.

It’s not your fault either. If this is your healing process, if this is how you recover, even if you’ll inevitably make it harder for me, even if it delays my healing process, by all means. I know I’ll survive this anyway, so as I would say, it’s worth it.

Well, I learnt that writing is my therapy. Tweets, posts, random disturbing of others on twitter or just textual diarrhea, it’s therapeutic for me.

So from now on, I promise you, I promise God, I promise everyone, I promise myself to always look on the brighter side of things.

Waiting for the one with my yellow umbrella, the one who will give me their olives, the one who I’ll stay past 2am for. My own Scherbatsky, McConnell. My own forever.


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