Certain moments in life passed me by and yet, certain words retain power emotions that even now I still remember. These simple words broke me.

A mirror is still broken no matter how hard you try to fix it.

I cannot be your sayang anymore.

You did a great job, Tona. Even people who don’t know you, know and recognise the effort you put in.

If not for people like you and Faris, people like us also won’t be as invested in the club.

Temasek Polytechnic..

I’m sorry that we failed to recognise the signs earlier.

I’m sorry for placing that burden on you when the burden was never yours to carry.

Stop saying you weren’t good enough. You were enough for us.

Show me Your heart, show me Your way, show me Your glory.

I feel no connection between us.


He needs you to only be still.

Thank you for everything you gave us within 3 short days.

Even if people do not recognise your efforts, I appreciate it. Even if people say that your game was terrible or your activity was boring, I know how much effort you put into them.

At the end of the day, I just want to come back to our sanctuary and be with you and only you.

I want to be able to tell myself that in the end, this is worth it. I don’t know now.

Even though things didn’t work out, I did have a lot of fun with you.

Why did you need to hear me say I love you? Didn’t you hear it when I met your parents? Didn’t you hear it everytime we went out or when we spent time together?

I love you too.

Even if I had the sun, the moon and all the stars, it would still be nothing without you.


You ahhhh..

Cheeky cheeky.

I imagine a tree being pulled up, uprooted and what is left is the roots clinging onto the earth, onto the ground as if onto dear life. Imagine someone pulling you and you’re resisting so hard, your grabbing whatever you can, even with your toes.

Your life is unnecessarily hard.

You are the most forward thinking person I ever met.

I’m sorry about our cell group.

Don’t stay away for too long.

God knows the sins you are struggling with. Even the broken relationships will heal in time.

If I don’t feel bad, then there’s something wrong with me.

Then the images.

Countless moments I remember. Some I just would never let go.

The brightest shining one would be of you. Finding and recognizing your face in the sea of people and seeing you smile as you find me too.

I just worry that one day, I will forget all these things as we do.

Maybe I try a little too hard to remember all these things which reminded me of who I am.