I realised that I became a terrible person after that breakup. I’ve been a terrible terrible person, doing all the bad things and getting around with all the wrong things.

For the longest time ever, I realised I was very angry at you. Then I realised that by a far off comparison, you must be a lot more angry at me then I ever can be with you.

Ultimately, in a selfish and sad way, deep down I know it’s worse for me than you. Because whilst I’ve been more terrible by comparison, I realised that you no longer care, while I still do.

And because of that, the yoke will never be equal.

It never was, and it never will be.

But all things considered, does it really matter anymore?



Everytime, I will always think back to that moment of that night.

I can’t see anything or have the strength to do anything.

I just remember people holding me.

Hands upon me.

Someone pressed their head against mine.

Voices of people seeing His praise over me.

In that moment, God is tangible.

Truly, I never have felt His presence stronger than that moment.

I can never say that God doesn’t exist.

Because in that single moment, I felt His love and grace and spirit lavish over me through those He placed around me.

In that moment, I will always remember being held in God’s embrace.