I remember that day.

Marching out into the hall by myself with the drill cane under my shoulder and my name and rank was announced.

The flag party marches in with the flag spread out in between them.

It was the first time a parade-ish event was done like this.

I think the best way to enjoy a parade is to march in it.

Those days.

There’s a rhythm in rush these days

Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade

Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams

In a world gone shallow

In a world gone lean


Sometimes there’s things a man cannot know

Gears won’t turn and the leaves won’t grow

There’s no place to run and no gasoline

Engine won’t turn

And the train won’t leave


To you whom this concerns,

You. Yes, you.


I just wanted you to know that I miss you.

I know that we have not been talking since forever, and perhaps it’s because things about us have changed.

We aren’t as close as we used to.

And it is not our fault.

Just that as time goes along, people moved on. I guess for a lack of words, you have outgrown your role in my life and I yours.

But I still miss you.

I miss talking to you up until 3-4am about the littlest of things in life.

I miss going all the weird new places with you, laughing at all the strange new things we see and people we meet.

I miss spending time with you. Be it doing something active and meaningful, from cycling along the coast to helping out certain people or doing nothing at all and just to relax and waste the day away.

I miss being in your presence, be it meaningful conversation, small talks or silence. Just knowing that you are nearby, fills my heart with a warmth.

I miss meeting you after school, finding your face among a sea of people. Seeing you blocks and blurs out every single face around us and in the moment, my whole world only had us.

I miss the little annoyance and frustrations you gave me, all the efforts you put in pushing me to be a better man than who I am for the sake of who I can be. I never said it before but I did it more for you than anyone else.

I miss you, for all the things you done, you didn’t do, for all the things you said, all the words you held back, for all the person you are and all the person you are not and will not be.

I miss you. Because in you, I found my best friend. And in you, I found myself, clearer than ever.

And should you ever see this, know that I am forever what you know me to be.

Forever yours,