Have you ever stopped and just hear the rain around you?

The raindrops just coming down in a light drizzle, hitting the cement road with a pitter patter.

The animals in the grass soaking in the rain, singing their own songs of nature, soaking in the heavenly shower.

And the grass and the flowers absorbing the essence of the rain, the goodness pouring down from the sky.

Genuinely, I love rainy weathers. I remember walking in the rain with you, holding your hand, just strolling as it drizzles all around us. It was after school and we had no rush to be anywhere. The rain drowned out all the sounds around us, leaving us to just ourselves.

From then on, rain seemed to become our thing. Playing, dancing, laughing, kissing in the rain.

Someone once said that rain were God’s tears. For us, they were tears of joy.


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