I usually don’t really like posting links to other websites or to talk about these kind of stuffs or to even go websites like these kind. Because I feel like they usually are Facebook Clickbait or things like that.

But I happened to see this article on Thoughtcatalog

Why holding On Too Long Is The Right Thing To Do

I like this article, because despite people saying that you should stop if you are hurt, or you are taken for granted or you are getting your heartbroken every single day.

But honestly, I really like to differ. Honestly, how many things in life truly make you happy? If you really believe that you have in your heart a space for someone, then won’t that pain be something that you are doing it for them?

I always said that if at the end of the day, after all the pain and hurt, if you are able to tell yourself that all that was worth it, all the sadness and tears and heartbreaks and hurting and depression was worth it, then why not hold on?

How often are we able to find someone who loves us despite the hundred and one reasons that prove that we are unlovable?

If you truly feel for someone, then fight on. Press on. Soldier on. Fight till your last breath. Go and get your heart broken for the person that you love.

I live to feel myself in danger.

– Eric Cantona.

Life is very tiring nowadays. Trials after trials after trials in almost every single aspect of my life. But still, I am trying my best to hold on.

And a big reason for me to fight on is you. Despite all the fights that we had past few days, I still am very glad that you are still with me in all this, that I do not have to do this by myself. Thousand and one times I am thankful for you, and thousand and one times more I am grateful for you. You make my life feel like a dream sometimes, one that I never want to wake up from. And even when the nightmares come, you are a little light, a hope, a little fire of warmth that I cling on to.

And I am resolute, that I will fight for us. I will find us a path for us to take next, that we can move forward in the right direction together.

You are my inspiration. This entire week seems to test the limits of Murphy’s Law. But Murphy’s Law is no issue. You are my advocate, my barrister, my attorney.

I will hold on. And as long as I am, you will never lose me.

This, I promise.



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