In all seriousness.

You know, I’d be willing to go through a lot just to be with you.

But sometimes, I guess it’s a matter of timing.

I think timing hates me.

For all the right persons in the world, it’s always the wrong timing that foils things.

We have our own things to do for now. But I promise I’ll wait for you if it’s what it takes.

Cus someone like you matters to someone like me.

I’d follow you to the ends of the earth.


this train’s gna keep moving, to the next station. and the next.

Pink Clouds Here

i’ve been rly lazy to blog but i’m taking some time to write this now!!
i rly hope this helps you, if you’re having a hard time getting over someone.

so… if you know me well, you’d know that i hate to see my friends upset. but i get angry whenever they refuse to take my advice on things, esp. on relationships, because i see what’s right for them, but they don’t.

when this happens, it rly makes me crazy, because i’ve been through what they’re going through. i believe i’ve been through a lot more than them, (even tho i wished i didn’t, because it sure sucked)
i know how it feels to be missing somebody so much, and how it feels to be left behind. i know how it feels to wake up every morning and hoping that things hadn’t changed at all, or hoping that they…

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