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Mountain cow.

It’s Wednesday here.

I don’t know when, but since some time ago, I noticed this one thing about Wednesdays. About this.. thing.

All that is between, is a mere sheet of glass, a thin panel of wall. That is what stands between. But what is between is, is more than just there. There’s too many things. But they don’t belong anywhere. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to put, nowhere to throw. It’s just there. Invisible, yet present.

I guess I haven’t been feeling myself lately, being affected by random things of late. Seems like only by typing or reading, am I able to hold myself together.

Things have been slightly off. Was rushing quite a bunch of assignments for the last few days. Well, yesterday was an off for me.

We went around, had some sushi buffet and a movie. It was good though the movie was slightly draggy. It really helped to unwind me, otherwise right now, in the midst of this annoying assignment, I probably would have lost my sanity. So many errors and less-than-helpful explanations for those errors. Oh well. I guess I should just persevere till the end, March holidays is around the corner, sort of. 7 weeks long break. I think I’ll do nothing and just roll around in those 7 weeks or so. Probably getting a job or something will help combat the listlessness that comes along with long breaks.

Guess I’ll update more later after I’m finished with my struggle with this assignment for today. Till then. Tata.


Lots of love,

God bless,



Don’t you feel pressurized, doing the same thing, over and over again, every single day?

Don’t you want a change in your life, to break the chain?

We are all conforming. To society, to ourselves. Because that is how things work. To do the otherwise wouldn’t be advisable. Even if you don’t like it.

On days like this, you’re desperate for change. Even if you cried for help, the only response you get will be your cry echoed by those around you.

Press on.

In all of our own rights, we are always pretending to be someone we’re not. What shapes you? What shields you from the world?

We look back at the people who used to be a major part of our lives. And we can’t help but wonder, is it they who changed, or we who changed?

Is it that they changed, or is it their true self all along?

Today’s afternoon sun is blazing. It’s the kind of light that pierces your eyes and you can barely see anything clearly ahead of you.

I woke up today, challenging myself to do something, that I’ve been procrastinating for a few days. I can’t bring myself to do it, though. Maybe, the sting of rejection is worse than I thought it to be.

Love life...

We live each day with experiences of frustrations whether big or small. Frustration as I know it comes from an unfulfilled goal because something is blocking or has blocked one’s path towards achieving it. Webster defines it as a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs. The Bible gives us one truth to defeat frustration: Living in faith. We need to realize that God has ideas and strategies that if we’ll just be patient and not quit…. The preacher mentioned that faith always works with patience, and when they work together a chronic problem can be turned into a perpetual blessing. If frustration is in any part of our life’s equation, expect a defeat along the way. The equation should be:

faith+patience+action = success

If we are in faith that the promises of God are coming true, and we’ll be patient…

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For all it’s worth.

I don’t know how to express this feeling inside of me. It feels bubbly and weird at the same time. It’s as if this feeling doesn’t belong to me and that it’s my first time feeling this. It’s feels foreign.

Some days, you just want things to go back to how they were before. But you can’t. The past stay in the past, that’s it. Frozen in time, they stay.

I really miss us. I miss our friendship. But seeing how we are already in 2013, and yet, we are still the same strangers. Seeing you, looking at the traces of you, I really miss our friendship. So many things have changed, so long since we last talked. But the feeling cannot be mistaken. It feels like..

If we ever be friends again, I feel that we can relate to one another immediately, that we can fit perfectly into each other’s lives like we used to be. I miss that. I really do.

You used to be someone who meant the world to me. But now, we seem to be of two different worlds.

Should worlds ever collide, I hope ours does.

Strangers with some memories, passerby with some attachment, neighbours of worlds apart.

A few posts below this, is one that reminded me of something I cannot undo.

When’s the last time you went without your phone?

I admit, I don’t recall. When we’re travelling, when was the last time you looked out at the passing vehicles?

Caught in our world of music and internet, what’s going to happen to the world we live in, the world around us?