Looking back, maybe it all started with the wrong reasons on hand.

I don’t know.

So many things that could be yet it didn’t.

I realised I stop because I could never do it for the right reasons.

Isn’t it ironic that the philosophies that I used to espouse and believe in so strongly are now the exact things that push me away most?

I remember talking about how increased exposure allows one to be more in sync yet I realised now that it was completely wrong.

Maybe I wasn’t destined for such great things as some believed.

Maybe I just am one who will settle for simplicity with nothing but a knot and quandary.

Maybe I am hopeless and too far gone. Maybe I am not. Eitherway, I can no longer find the right reasons for me to care.

This might not necessarily be a bad thing, I guess. I suppose it just means that I know what are the most important things in my life.

This is simply not one of it, anymore.

Time to move on?


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