Life was a series of near misses. Car accidents dodged by quick reflexes. Railings that broke falls. Antibiotics. Seatbelts. Helmets. We should all be dead a hundred times over.



I found my little niche area of therapeutic treatment.

For me, words hold power beyond understanding, be it written or spoken.

Which is quite curious, isn’t it?

Try to imagine a world without words. Nothing spoken, nothing written.

Just obscure, guttural noises and messes on walls.

What a world that would be like.


I really am grateful for this little thing that I can hold on to. The words you have chosen are a conscious reminder to certain situations that are in. Still, I know I tread a dangerous path and I am quick to watch out that I do not fall into the past.


Look at my newest undertaking here.

The Next Project.

I am starting a new project and continuing an old one. It’s the World On Wheels page seen above, or if you are lazy, then just here will do.

I missed doing projects and I absolutely loved doing them. I really enjoyed doing Project SY and the one which had to be stopped halfway, the Ninja Project.

This one is something that sees no end and one which I hope to do indefinitely as long as I am able to.

So, go ahead.

Yes? Or no?

I don’t know.

The smallest part of me wants to say yes.

Yes, I am ready to be back fully and to throw myself headfirst into the thick of things. I am ready to be back in the field, to be back in the fires of war and to continue my old business.

But.. a smallest part of me wants to say no.

No, I am not ready. I can’t guarantee that I want to stay. Part of me wants to move on elsewhere, to say yes to other things at other places. To break free completely yet not without a tinge of remorse, shame and cowardice.

What do I do?

I am at a loss.

I miss doing what I do. And I desperately want to be back, to fight for the cause.

But part of me, still feels as if I am not ready.

Perhaps I still need to be more stubborn in the face of adversity.

I still am weak with many a ways to go.

Yes? No?