Where are you headed?

Do you know where are you going in life?

Is it where you want to be? Or you’re there because you simply allow yourself to drift to wherever?

Recently I’ve known a few people who have thoughts of changing the path that they’re taking.

Am i condemning them? No, not at all. I support them, on the contrary.

Take some time now and visualize yourself a few years from now. Would you be doing what you want to be doing? If you really want that visualization to be true, then what are you going to do to reach there?

If you do not like where you’re headed to, then why should you be afraid of changing things? You shouldn’t. Don’t waste your time doing things that you don’t like.

To be happy, do what you like.
To be successful, like what you do.

Shortcut to both? Do what you like in your life. It’s annoying that many nowadays are so materialistic. Granted, you need money for everything. But don’t you think that sometimes people are getting delusional about the priorities in life? And you would think that people would have any idea what should be the most important thing in their life when they’re a lot older than me, even.

I feel so frustrated, seeing people around me turning into mindless creatures, day by day.

If God can’t help them, nothing will.


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